Well, that’s Life.

By: Sydney

Feb 08 2010

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I didn’t expect to disappear as long as I did. I didn’t simply make my blog private to ‘protect’ my posts.  I wasn’t blocking you all from seeing what I was writing because, as you can see, I haven’t been writing at all.  I knew I wouldn’t be writing, and had a heavy case of blog neglect guilt going on. I just made it private so that I wouldn’t have to see it myself, let alone the few visitors I had.

So what happened? Without going into detail, Life happened. I was in the midst of the most intense final exams I’d ever experienced on top of dealing with pressing financial matters, multiple family crises,  and preparing for my trip to Paris. I had intended on blogging while I was abroad, but I was pushed over the edge when I was informed that my mother was extremely ill in the Intensive Care Unit.  She was holding on to dear life, and I was thousands of miles away from her.  My mind was EVERYWHERE but on this blog.

The last month of 2009 was one of those Make or Break months.  I was under extreme amounts of stress and pressure, and it only seemed like things kept getting worse.  I dealt with it all in the best way I knew how–internally. I suddenly developed an aversion to blogging. I can’t really explain it…I honestly just didn’t feel like writing anymore.  I didn’t feel like being phony and pretending everything was all peachy when it wasn’t. And I certainly didn’t feel like writing about my problems, so I just stepped away from it all for a while. It was longer than I intended, but it was more than necessary.

It felt like everything was falling apart around me and I couldn’t figure out why. Why was it all happening at the very same moment? The important thing I had to do for myself was stay optimistic. When life throws a bunch of things at you at once, it’s easy to adopt that “Why Me?” attitude. For me, my biggest focus was to remain prayerful and hopeful.  I knew that what I was going through was only temporary and, despite how bad things were at the time, I’d come out of it.  And here I am now.

The bottom line is this: Life isn’t perfect.  It’s never going to be smooth sailing 100% of the time. I figured that out a long time ago.  If there’s ever a period of time when everything is going your way, where you get straight green lights on your way home from work or a parking spot right in front of the store, you’re the luckiest person I know.  Trivial examples, but you get the point. Life is full of obstacles and variables. I mean…Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

So, with this in mind, I titled my blog C’est la vie. English translation:  Such is life or Well, that’s life. A simple reminder to anyone who croons about their problems and why things “never” seem to go their way. Gotta love the French.

Never mind the fact that there are a million blogs of the same title floating around the blogosphere. It just fit for me. For now.

Anyway, I appreciate everybody who reached out…You’re the one’s who brought me out of my blog-coma and reminded me how much I miss being a part of this community.

I apologize for the disappearing act…I promise not to do it again. And if I absolutely need to, I’ll make sure to telly you first.




4 comments on “Well, that’s Life.”

  1. Well glad to see you back, despite the events that have occurred for you during the past couple of months… Is your mother doing better now? Did you get past your exams alright?

    Life does happen, and I think that’s what a lot of bloggers don’t realize. When I see that a blogger goes MIA a bit, it’s safe to realize that the person has a life and clearly things are going on where they can’t necessarily blog as often, so I patiently wait until their (hopeful) return.

    C’est La Vie… i think it’s fitting for now. Personally, 2009 into 2010 was drama-infested for me… I took a lil blog break because I didn’t know what to blog about, plus the mini-drama I was living was a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, through prayer and faith, all things are possible and will come to pass for the better. Stay up lovely.

  2. Yay! I’m glad to hear from you and glad to hear your mother is doing better. I want to see/read some Paris trip stuff!

  3. vv: hey man, how’s it going?

    i appreciate the recognition that something of dire importance had to be going on in order for me to just stop blogging like that. i think people (sometimes myself included) fail to realize that blogging really is a huge time commitment.

    my mom is much better now and my hard work during exam week definitely paid off. i finished with a 3.6 GPA…not a 4.0, but at the university i go to, it’s comparable. thanks for asking =).

    @ gem: i’ll be posting Paris stuff this weekend =).

  4. I’m very happy to see you and the blog are back in business. I hope the rest of your year is much more relaxed.

    Still eager to hear about your Paris trip too.

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