Back to Reality

By: Sydney

Nov 30 2009

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Is everybody else as terribly sad as I am to be back at work? I could almost cry.

My break was a tense one.  Partially because of the fact that Thanksgiving didn’t show up this year, or rather, my family didn’t.  Traditionally, my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side all gather at my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. All four of my uncles, their children, my aunts, their children, and my immediate family do this every year.  The turn out is usually in the teens. This time it didn’t happen.  Out of my grandmother’s six children, only one showed up (and it wasn’t my mom).  I won’t get into details why, but it came down to grudges, stubborness, and a severe lack of communication.  It’s sad when grown ass men and women can’t handle their issues like adults.  Although it was disappointing that my family unraveled right around the holidays, my mother and sisters still made the most of Thanksgiving.

Aside from the family tension, my break wasn’t exactly a relaxing one because of the mountain of homework I had.  Did I do the homework?  Nope.  But the anxiety of not doing my work just about ruined my break. Everyday I put it off, I told myself I’d do it the next.  The whole week went by and I did nada.  I guess I wanted to make this break a true break. I was just too busy enjoying my time off to realize that I was making this upcoming week way harder on myself.

I apologize for not making this blog “happen” like I said I would.  I still have specific blueprint in mind, and I don’t want to half-ass anything. So I may hold out until can devote the time I want to it. Until then, I’ll continue writing and vlogging. I can’t say when, but I can promise I’ll be posting sometime this week.  I have a 13 page paper due Friday so of course that’s top priority. But I’ll try to pop in to make a quick update.

In the meantime, I’m curious how your Thanksgivings were spent.  Get any good Black Friday deals?


4 comments on “Back to Reality”

  1. Hey girly!! My first comment on your new piece of web real estate. I’ve got to get caught up on everything, but I just wanted to peek in and say hi.

  2. man, i know the ever so dreaded Thanksgiving school break. one of the major school breaks and you just want to do anything but work… good luck with that paper, my dear.

    Thanksgiving was cool. There seems to be always brewing family drama around this time of year, so thats common, but Black Friday i didn’t tackle (I actually made a spoof horror trailer for Black Friday on my blog).

    Other than that, besides being sick before Thanksgiving for a bit, it was cool. Hope you get everything together for the week.

  3. Sorry to hear about the drama.

    Already had my thanksgiving in October. Small family get together.

  4. I need you post because I miss you boobie cakes.

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