Gripe of the Week: Flakes

In my last vlog, I stated I wouldn’t be writing for the rest of the week because I’d have a friend visiting.  Well, said friend flaked on me at the very last second and now I can blog all I want! ::fake sarcasm::

It’s not like I got my hopes up too high; this girl is a notorious flake.   We’ve made plans or her to visit me on campus at least five times in the past year.  She’d be all ready to come out, and then something would happen at the very last second.  She’d miss her bus, forget her ticket, or decide she just wasn’t in the mood to come anymore. 

I understand that some things are out of our control and I’d be a little more understanding if this wasn’t something she did ALL the time.  It’s not just about her not showing up–it’s not that big a deal.  What I can’t stand is when people make a commitment and don’t follow through.  I am absolutely swamped with work this weekend but because she wanted to getaway, and said she’d be very disappointed if I backed out on her, I decide to still let her come. And then after I make the arrangements for her arrival–grocery shopping, post-poning appointments, etc.–she tell’s me she’s not coming. 

I guess I just expect people to be as considerate as I try to be.  If people are counting on me for something, I come through. Period.  I consider myself  pretty reliable person, and all I want is the same reliability that I grant other people. Is that too much to ask for?  Maybe so…

Am I the minority? I am the only one who only commits to things I intend on following through? If not, when did keeping your word stop being important?


8 comments on “Gripe of the Week: Flakes”

  1. Boy, do moments like that really irritate me. You get to learn there are just some people that you can always depend on to be undependable.

    There are two types that I really dislike the most:

    a) Those that promise to call you to confirm/arrange plans that never do, so you have to go around calling them, to the point where you question why you bother.

    b) Those that are frequently/constantly late for everything. Doesn’t matter how early you plan, what time of the day, what there schedule is like – they always flake out on the time.

  2. Keeping your word is more important than most people think. In our world, (and I say “our” in reference to the realm of considerate people lol) we expect the same from everyone else. When we say we’re going to do something we do it. When we say we’re going to be on time for something, we’re on time. Other people don’t really pay attention to it and think everything is all fine and dandy. However, it is that ignorance to what they’ve done that probably makes us more upset. (I can only speak for myself at that point)

    At the end of the day, I stop making plans with these people until they realize what they’ve done and proceed to never do it again. Then again, I’m a young and angry Capricorn so I may be blowing it way out of proportion. That’s just me though.

    -Mr. Heartbreak

  3. when i first seen the title, i was either thinking hair flakes or corn (considering my love of cereal), but then my dumb self said “keep reading,” (just had to get out the way)

    lol @ “this girl is a notorious flake”

    flaking has been the story of my life when it comes to other ppl. As much as you trust somebody, you always have to factor in “the flake.” sometimes, its not their fault, but if their a notorious flake, then its hard to trust their word…

    i learned that your word is your bond… so you can’t say your going to do something and not do it. consideration is just fair… but hey, once a flake, always a flake, in my opinion.

  4. NO ONE is ever gonna be as considerate as you’d like them to be. if this is something you know about the person, dont expect them to change. deal with her and the situation accordingly. if you know what to expect, you really cant be surprised or get upset at the outcome, you know?

  5. Totally agree with what Karrie said, noone is ever gonna be as considerate as you want them to be. You know how sometimes people are like, behave the way you wish to be treated, welllllll the thing about that is, it definetly isn’t always reciprocated and sometimes you’re kinda left feelin’ all slighted and annoyed.

    I had a friend just like the one you described and I used to just stop making plans with her, if she invited me somewhere and I wanted to go, I would invite someone else so I wasnt out of luck if the plans fell through. So that’s one way of dealing with things. (I should mention however, we are no longer friends now because of one her flakes soooooo, I think that tactic only works for a little while.)

  6. @ strangetimes: see, when people flake on me i just learn not to take their word seriously. in the case of my friend, even down to the day she was supposed to come, i didn’t prepare for her arrival at all. i hadn’t cleaned my apartment, gone grocery shopping, or even thought far enough to how i’d pick her up from the bus station (i don’t have a car). i guess deep down i knew it wasn’t happening.

    @ mr. heartbreak: nope, you’re not blowing it out of proportion. as a person who is reliable, you expect the same. i understand completely.

    @ vv: you know, i thought about explaining what kind of ‘flakes’ i meant, but then i said nah, my readers will know i didn’t mean dandruff or corn flakes lol.

    but i agree totally; you’re word is your bond. surprisingly a lot of people don’t see it this way. instead of getting upset, i’m just being even more reminded that the only person you can count on is yourself. sucks but it’s true.

    @ kb and jaded: i think i’ve subconsciously learned how to deal with her. as i said to strangetimes, i don’t even bother investing time in her. if she tells me she’s going to do something, i always have a back up plan. and i always end up needing it…guess i should start reevaluating who my friends are, huh?

  7. is it really flaking when she has a legit excuse?

  8. yep! don’t make excuses for her. you know how unreliable she is.

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