Man, I Feel Like a Woman

By: Sydney

Nov 10 2009

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You know how on your birthday every year, you always get that same question: Do you feel older?

There was only one time in my life when the answer was yes, and that was on my  13th birthday.  I had left behind my tween years, and I was finally a teenager! I felt so grown up, so mature.  Of course I was still a child, but the important thing was I felt different.  I was excited about going to high school, joining new clubs, doing new things.  Even at that young age, I equated my 13th birthday with entering a new phase of my life.  My TEEN years. I was ready to experience everything they had to offer.

Oddly, eversince then, I’ve pretty much felt the same year after year.  14…15…16…17…18…19. You know, I didn’t even feel “different” on my 20th birthday?  I mean, entering my 20s should’ve been just as significant as entering my teens.  But for some reason last year, I turned 20 without feeling that excitement that I felt when I turned 13th. I didn’t have that urge to push myself and experience things I hadn’t yet experienced.  It was just sort of like, Oh yeah. I’m not a teenager anymore…Cool.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday.  The birthday wishes I received all day mostly consisted of “You can finally buy your own bottle!” and “You think you grown, huh?”…But the funny thing is, I actually do.  Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t wake up this morning and “feel” 21. That would be lame.  However, I certainly had this feeling of…Wow. You did a lot of growing in the past year.  

In my mind, I’ve always thought of myself as a  little girl.  Hence my penname, BlogGal.   I never had the balls (no pun intended) to call myself a “woman” because I just knew I wasn’t there yet.  Eversince my Freshmen year, I’ve heard my friends calling themselves “women”.  All I could think was a) you’re living in a dorm b) you’re parents are paying your tuition and c) you’re only 18 (and in some cases 17) years old.  What have you experienced that makes you a woman?

I realize now that womanhood (or adulthood in general) isn’t just about age, physical experience, or financial independence.  While all of the above certianly do contribute to adulthood, there are two key things that I think can qualify someone as an adult: Emotional and mental maturity. More than any of the other superficial, external factors, what it comes down to is maturation.  And based on this criteria alone, I realized today that, yeah, I am a Woman.

I’m not about to bore yall with my trials and tribulations of the past year because you already know. And if you don’t, hit up Love is a Minefield. I think there’s a turning point in everyone’s life.  That experience that nearly breaks you, but you learn from it.  It’s the wise, knowledgable person that emerges from that experience who is an adult.  But that’s just my opinon.

When did you start “feeling” like an adult?


4 comments on “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”

  1. You hit it on the head with the emotional and mental maturity. That’s why you still see women in their 30’s on up who are financially stable and just emotionally ‘tarded.

    I started TRULY feeling like a woman this year (when I turned 25). That’s when I clearly saw the options and paths I could take (I’m reaching a turning point education/career wise), actually contemplated and discussed motherhood, disconnected myself from toxic people and people who just really serve no purpose in my life and just generally felt a sense of peace and clarity about my future. It feels like something’s blossoming, I think that’s how you know.

    I hope certain people won’t google ‘bloggal’ and find you here. Hell, I’ll still follow if you change URLs again, I think WP makes it pretty easy.

  2. man, the big 21… happy belated birthday…

    i always reflect on the past year a few moments before the clock strikes 12am and wonder if everything i did was worthwhile; the mistakes ive made, the things i did/didn’t get accomplished, etc. But mental maturity is the most important; seeing how you’ve grown as a person.

    my 22nd bday’s coming soon and i’m starting to think about the past year already… i’ve decided i need a refresh on my life (but i’ll probably vlog about that soon). And believe me, from your maturity and growth, you were a woman before 21…

  3. @ gem: no mama, YOU hit it righ on the head. i think adulthood really is that feeling of stirring inside. that sensation that tells you it’s time to make some big changes in your life. it’s a good feeling.

    meh. i’m not worried about anyone finding this blog anymore. if it happens, it happens. i don’t intend on making him the subject of my posts anymore so if he can read all he wants. can’t be bothered with that.

    @ video vixen: thanks for the birthday wishes:)

    i’d like to believe that i was a “woman” before 21, but i don’t think that’s true. up until recently, there were a lot of changes i had to make in my life that i wasn’t quite ready to. i think another thing that defines maturity is having the courage to make changes. i finally feel like i do.

  4. I would have to say that I don’t think I am qualified to say I’m an adult. While I am more emotionally and mentally mature than a lot of my friends, I am 18, still in college, living with my parents, and not financially independent. (don’t judge me please lol).

    I’m not qualified am I?

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