By: Sydney

Nov 05 2009


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Hey guys!

I just wanted to thank you all for requesting the URL, and following me to this blog. I really wasn’t expecting to get an requests to be honest, because my readership has gone down dramatically since the summer when I took my hiatus.  So thank you for the pleasant surprise :).

I made a really short video to welcome you and give a little more detailed feedback about why I made the move.  Like I said in the video, I’ll be making more in the near future to catch you up on what’s been going on and why I’ve been so evasive on LIAM lately.



14 comments on “Welcome!”

  1. gonna watch ur vlog as soon as i get home boo! missed ya!

  2. Hey what about “Life is a minefield.” lol. It’s true! lolololol. That wont box you in and you can keep the cool name. Anyway, glad you made the transition.

  3. Syd! You look so radiant! Welcome…I set up my WordPress too so come holla at me. Looking forward to your new title and posts!

  4. p.s. is it that same douchenozzle ex bf of yours?

  5. @ karrie: i miss you too babeh! and to answer your question, yes. it’s the same douchenozzle.

    @ jaded: omg, i hadn’t thought of that! i actually really like it lol. i’ll be working on the theme and brainstorming a title this weekend and that just might be it 😉

    @ gem: thank you gemmy! i’m on my way to your blog right now 🙂

  6. You’re so cute, articulate, and darling. Loves ya long time babe.

  7. You have such a sweet sounding voice.

    Thank you for the blog link. I’ll keep checking it out for future posts.

  8. okay i LOVE that “shake yo off was playing in the backround! are yall getting into these undertones?

    you’re hair and skin looks radiant. you sound how i expected you to, your voice i mean.

    anywhoodles, are you gonna give us the full T on what went down with the assnugget?

    my previous relationship had me hesitant abt expressing my feelings on my blog. i never really talked abt WHY the ex and i ended. my NEW relationship changed all that shit. why should i give even an 8th of a fuck abt what my stankin ass ex thinks?


    glad to see you back, homegirl.

  9. “shake you off” was what i meant to say.

  10. OMG, you are gorgeous… a picture just doesn’t do justice to see and hearing you…

    i don’t know how you made the vid look all soft and all, but it makes you look majestic…

    i’ve done my best to follow up with you, even though i don’t comment all the time, i do read… sometimes change is expected and i can understand trying to express other interests… but its cool that you’re not blogging for others, but for you…

    ill keep the link close, and i can’t wait to see more vlogs from you…
    glad to see you back in effect…

  11. @ glo: thanks sweety! i promise i won’t keep you waiting long. i’ll be updating really soon:)

    @ karrie: see, this is why i love you. no one else caught on to why that particular song was playing. you you just GET it. period.

    thanks for the compliment ::blushes:: i’ve always felt weird about being on camera because i hate the sound of my voice lol. i know that’s kind of self-loathing thing to say, but i think i sound weird on camera O_o

    buuuut yes. you’ll definitely hear the full story about ex soon.

    @ videovixon: awww shucks. yall making me all cheesy and what not lol…i appreciate the compliments 🙂

    if the only way you think you’ll be coming back is if you blogroll it, feel free to. i just wanted to wait a little while before circulating the link so that my ex wouldn’t find my blog. he’s a persistent f*cker.

  12. @ strangetimes: sorry, i missed your comment! thank you! 🙂

  13. As the other said you look so pretty girlie!!!:-). I’m glad you made the switch cause it shows how much you have grown. I’ve been thinking of doing the same.. anyways i look forward to reading/hearing more from you:-)

  14. Aww, babes you’re so cute. I’ll add this blog to my feed. I can’t wait to read.

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